The "how" of curb side recycling

  • by Jeff
  • Jan 27, 2015

I support a fully integrated curb side waste management system: black bin, blue bin and green bin. My vision of Lethbridge includes this reality. It's the "how" that currently challenges me.

At Finance Committee (Monday January 26th), we were presented with 2 options: green cart (organic waste - food scraps, grass clippings, et cetera) and blue cart (recyclable waste - cardboard, paper, metal tins et cetera). Given my understanding of the information, our community and the desire of the Organization (and some of my colleagues) to move slowly, I voted against recommending a green bin system to City Council*. This does not mean that I am opposed to a green bin system: it means that I do not agree with how the system is to be assembled and provided to our community. I do agree with data that demonstrates that a green bin will give us the biggest environmental and social saving to our community. However, currently I am not comfortable with the process or system of delivery being suggested. In my mind, there are other unexplored options that could actually result in a fully integrated curb side waste management system. Until we explore those options, the more cautious - and I hope, short term - approach is through a blue bin system. We WILL get there. For me, though, the question is not "when" but "how".


* The process used to investigate and debate issues with greater detail involves City Council meeting as Finance Committee or Community Issues Committee (CIC). The form and structure of these meetings permit greater opportunity for debate, enquiry and conversation. City Council, sitting as Finance or CIC, does not have the authority to make final decisions for the Organization (City of Lethbridge). Any resolution passed at a Finance or CIC meeting MUST be debated and approved at a Regular Meeting of City Council.