Moving towards our dreams.

  • by Jeff
  • Oct 22, 2013
We are in the boat together!

It's 1:00 am Tuesday morning, and the evening's events haven't quite sunk in. So briefly ...

First, please accept a deep and heart-felt "thank you" to everyone who supported me, encouraged me and kept me informed, over the past term. This is not a job one can do in isolation: certainly, not successfully. As such, I appreciate how many of you contributed to my growth and determination during the past two and one half years. Thank you!

As for tonight, I am touched by your response at the polls. As Members of Council, we do not receive a lot of emails, calls or letters of appreciation for our work, so what happened this evening really settles into my heart with the reassurance that you have noticed the work I do. And that's wonderful to know! Thank you for choosing this way to show it.

Tomorrow will bring new opportunities and challenges, but I will begin the term with just as much - or more - committment to this role and my responsibilities to you. My goal is to raise your expectations of what to expect at City Hall and from your elected representatives. However, the only way I can do this is by having you remain present over the term. For me (Council) to accomplish all the dreams this community identifies, I need your input, your guidence, and your vigilence. Just because the election is over doesn't mean your responsibility is finished. You must remain present to ensure that I remain on course. It's like this: you have put 9 of us into a boat on the shore of our Lake of Dreams. But you can't just push us away from the dock, only to meet us on the other side in 4 years, screaming about the path we took. No - we are all in this together, so you have to get in the boat with us. Help guide us. Help us navigate around the dangers. Capture the wind to drive us forward. Take turns at the helm. By traveling together, we will reach our objectives and our dreams.

It truly is my honour to serve you and to be your representative at City Hall. Let's move forward together and start building something even better!

Thank you!


Jeff, we watched with excitement the polls and saw you get in. Way to good. We are thrilled. May you continue to be successful in Lethbridge. B and T O'Brien.

ok another 4 years and then run for the top job.....Lethbridge will be ready!
Cheers from both of us!