Mission Statement

I dedicate myself to sponsoring, supporting and encouraging policies that move the City to a more business-like approach in its governance.  At the same time, I give voice to citizens, groups and issues that struggle with the bureaucracy, attitudes and traditional approaches at City Hall. I work hard on your behalf, trying to grow the community in a responsible and sustainable manner.

My role as your elected representative is to meet, listen, learn, educate, suggest options and advocate on your behalf at City Council. This role comes from my belief that we must encourage and support citizen engagement. When you engage with City Hall, you inject different viewpoints into the conversation, which gives Council more information to consider. More information can only help Council make better decisions. Throughout it all, though, I believe we must maintain our dignity and respect for each other and for the ideas we each put forward.

This city has great potential so we need to work together, constantly striving to be a better community. As such, City Hall shouldn't be a place that tries to manage your expectations, it should be a place that exceeds your expectations!


My Approach to Curbside
Posted by: Jeff Jan 26. 2016

I did not vote against curbside recycling; I voted against a resolution that proposed one method of implementing a curbside recycling program.

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Curb side recycling continued ...
Posted by: Jeff Feb 10. 2015
Monday afternoon, Finance Committee dedicated more time discussing and questioning a (potential) curb side* recycling program.
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About Jeff

I moved to Lethbridge in 1987 and after working for several years in the photography industry, I eventually owned and operated a local retail establishment. Throughout the years I have volunteered on many wonderful and diverse community organizations. From 1995 to 1998, I was fortunate to serve on Lethbridge City Council, again re-elected in 2011. My education includes a Diploma in Applied Photography (Sheridan College), a Bachelor degree in political science (University of Alberta) and a Masters degree in political science (University of Lethbridge). I work as a sessional instructor at U of L and as a parent. I am married with Arlene Oishi and we have 2 beautiful and creative children.


Phone: 403-393-8881

Email: jeff.coffman@lethbridge.ca

Mail: #119-210A-12A Street North,
Lethbridge, AB, T1H 2J1




  • "It is my great pleasure to endorse Jeff Coffman in his campaign to be elected to Lethbridge City Council for a second term. I follow municipal politics quite closely, and am consistently impressed by Councillor Coffman's thoughtfulness, care, and insight into matters that affect his constituents. I will definitely be voting for Jeff Coffman for a seat on city council. Do some research and ask questions of candidates, and I'm sure you'll do the same."

    - Dr Jason Laurendeau

  • "Mr. Coffman has been the most supportive city councillor in terms of both listening to citizens’ needs and suggesting constructive ways for to participate in the Capital Improvement Project process. For every letter that was written, Jeff replied and listened. He met with our members. And he did more than listen; he followed up with action by meeting with stakeholders in the community and actively participating in the debates on city council. Jeffrey Coffman is truly a man of the utmost integrity. He has vision and works tirelessly to make Lethbridge a better place for the people who live and work here. In everything he does, he seeks to balance the needs for the future with financial responsibility and fiscal prudence. I am proud of the work that Mr. Coffman has done on city council and I look forward to supporting him in the 2013 municipal election."

    - Shobha George

  • "Jeff has always taken the time to discuss any concerns or questions I have regarding policy or decisions made for our city. I appreciate that Jeff takes every decision seriously and does his research to make the best choice for our community. Jeff has a young family and has Lethbridge s best interest at heart!"

    - Tamara Nelson

  • "Following his election, Jeff committed himself to coming to Nord-Bridge once a month, on a scheduled date and time. He kept his promise! Jeff has made himself available to members and listens to their concerns, ideas and suggestions. He asks questions about our Board, the challenges and opportunities we face, and he takes the time to follow up on our questions and concerns. Jeff has my support for City Council."

    - Harry Fischer

  • "Jeff Coffman to me exemplifies honesty, fairness, and thoughtfulness. Jeff has used these qualities whether he addressing issues put forth to council or simply having a conversation with a concerned citizen. Please Vote for Jeff Coffman"

    - Marlene Van Eden