My service on Lethbridge City Council

When I served on City Council, I dedicated myself to sponsoring, supporting and encouraging policies that moved the City to a more citizen-centred approach in its governance.  At the same time, I gave voice to residents and groups who struggled with the bureaucracy, attitudes and traditional approaches at City Hall. I worked hard trying to grow the community in a responsible and sustainable manner.

My role as an elected representative was to meet, listen, learn, educate, suggest options and advocate on behalf of residents, at City Council. This role came from my belief that we must encourage and support citizen engagement. When you engage with City Hall, you inject different viewpoints into the conversation, which gives Council more information to consider. More information can only help Council make better decisions. Throughout it all, though, I believe we must maintain our dignity and respect for each other and for the ideas we each put forward.

This city has great potential so we need to work together, constantly striving to be a better community. As such, City Hall shouldn't be a place that tries to manage your expectations, it should be a place that exceeds your expectations!

About Jeff

I moved to Lethbridge in 1987 and after working for several years in the photography industry, I eventually owned and operated a local retail establishment. Throughout the years I have volunteered on many wonderful and diverse community organizations. From 1995 to 1998, I was fortunate to serve on Lethbridge City Council, again re-elected in 2011. My education includes a Diploma in Applied Photography (Sheridan College), a Bachelor degree in political science (University of Alberta) and a Masters degree in political science (University of Lethbridge). I work as a sessional instructor at U of L.